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One of Our
Favorite Plants:

Early Sunrise Coreopsis


This bright plant loves full sun and is fairly heat tolerant. It also offers brilliant long-lasting color.

It grows up to 24 inches (60 cm) tall, and up to 26 inches (65 cm) wide.

Hardy to USDA Zone 5, which means it can take an average annual temperature no lower than minus 20° to minus 10° Faranheight.

So if your area drops below minus 20° at any time of the year, you may want to treat this plant more as an annual.

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Each monthly list of gardening tips and "to dos" are appropriate for that time of year including what to plan, plant, prune, maintain, plus weed and pest control and fun projects.

Print out as many as you want!

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You may need to adjust the activities listed to match your zone, but they provide a solid starting point. Each list is loosely planned around USDA Zone 8. Find your zone: Climate Zones Map

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Fertilize Container Plants

Because container gardens are usually grown to show off a lot color, the plants in them require more frequent fertilizing.

It's good to feed them every two weeks with a water-soluble complete fertilizer like a 20-20-20 or a hyrdolized fish fertilizer.

Regular feeding will help them fill in faster, and produce more flowers.

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